Suncoast's orthotic and prosthetic craftsmen create customized solutions for each individual. We utilize the area's only Tracer CAD computer-aided imaging system to produce individualized prosthetic models within minutes. This technology was awarded the Gold Medal Design of Excellence Award.

Developments in bioengineering techniques, high performance, and sophisticated technology in recent years offer more options than ever to aid patients. Our staff keeps abreast of these new technologies receiving training and information, which allows us to offer the latest innovations to our patients.

Prosthetic Solutions

  • Partial foot prosthesis
  • Below/above-knee prosthesis
  • Upper extremity prosthesis (conventional and external power)
    • Partial hand
    • Wrist disarticulation
    • Below and above-elbow
    • Elbow disarticulation
    • Shoulder
  • Hip disarticulation
  • Hemipelvectomy
  • Stump socks and shrinkers
  • Full, on-site repair services

Orthotic Solutions

  • Orthopedic bracing
    • Foot and ankle
    • Knee
    • Upper extremity (hand-wrist-arm-shoulder)
    • Full leg (knee-ankle-foot)
    • Spinal back braces & corsets
    • Lumbo-sacral and dorso-lumbar supports
    • Cervical braces and collars
  • Pediatric bracing for cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, and congenital abnormalities
  • Neurological and musculoskeletal bracing for stroke, fractures, injury/trauma, paralysis, arthritis, sports and dynamic range of motion splints, neuropathy.
  • Shoes and inserts
    • Orthopedic shoes
    • Diabetic shoes and foot care
    • Multi-density inserts
    • Custom-molded arch supports and sporthotics
    • Custom-molded shoes from cast impressions
  • Compression garments
    • Upper extremity
    • Below knee
    • Thigh high
    • Panty
  • Wound Management
    • Recumbent splints to prevent heel and foot ulcers
    • Offloading shoe designs